Detailing continues where ordinary car cleaning stops.

We want to help our customers with this by offering this service. We do not work with fixed prices or packages because we believe that a personalized approach for every detailing leads to the best result and a satisfied customer.

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Why detailing?

Various tests have proven that a well-detailed car yields more money when sold. Your car is also an expensive investment and you want to protect it as well as possible, don't you?

Experience has teached us that cars that are regularly cosmetically maintained look much better in the long term. 


  • Extensive wash exterior
  • Interior cleaning
  • Cleaning and making the convertible top water resistant
  • Deep cleaning interior + odor treatment
  • Deep cleaning rims + protection
  • Cleaning and conditioning leather + leather reparations 
  • Cleanen lacquer + apply wax or sealant
  • Machine polishing of the paint
  • Xpel paint protection film
  • Glass coatings for both glossy and matt paint from the brands Gyeon and Nanolex
  • Restyling of dents and pits
  • Spot repairs for minor damage
  • Rim repair



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